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Randy & Susan

Susan says:  Photography has always been important to me because it freezes memories in time.  Since people are really important to me - family and friends - capturing them in photos is something I have done since I was in high school.  My photography education began when Randy and I got together and I got my first Nikon.  Since then, I am blessed to have captured photos of families, events and pets.  Our hearts retain images of faces and events but photographs help us remember details and emotions that we may forget without them.

When we photograph a family, one of things I insist on is doing groupings of every person with every person/dog in the family.  Mom with Dad, Mom with son, Mom with daughter, Mom with Rover, etc.  Not only does it give you a great social media photo for birthdays and Mother’s Day, but it gives each person a special time with Mom.

Randy says:  I began my interest in photography in high school, but it wasn't until four years after college that I started to think of it as a career possibility. Long story short, I ended up as the administrative photographer for Fairfax County Public Schools. I was able to photograph a huge range of interesting subjects- kids in kindergarten building things, high school science experiments and events with Presidents and dignitaries. While doing all this, my passion for great photography (and additional income!) led the two of us to start I Do Photography Inc., now in our 28th year.  Not everyone gets to do what they love as a job, but that has been exactly what I’ve been blessed to do. I get excited about photographing a crazy variety of things- light patterns on a wall, dogs running around, unique cloud formations. I think visually all the time, seeing not just what is in front of me, but what I could make of it right then or at a different time. It never gets old!

So, in addition to people, why pets? While Susan grew up with dogs as pets, I only had the 49-cent turtles sold back then, or goldfish won at the school fair! But then we adopted Sophie, our Italian Greyhound rescue, and were in love with her for the 14 years that she was with us. We have fostered several Italian Greyhounds since then. We knew how much it meant to us to have images of Sophie after she was gone and we want everyone to be able to preserve those great memories.  We began a few years ago photographing dogs but have expanded our repertoire  to include other pets, from cats to chickens!